My Breast Day is a digital platform designed to support women’s breast health through early detection education, screening scheduling, and post-diagnosis care. We aim to make breast health management accessible for everyone, including those in urban, rural, and indigenous communities.

Our app offers personalized educational resources and tools for self-examination, as well as reminders and scheduling features for medical screenings, making early detection more manageable and less daunting for all women.

Yes, My Breast Day provides post-diagnosis support, including treatment planning tools, medication tracking, and resources for connecting with care teams, helping you navigate your journey with confidence and support. It also supports those after treatment with scheduling reoccurrence monitoring appointments.

Absolutely. My Breast Day is designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring that women in rural and indigenous communities have the same access to comprehensive breast health resources and support as those in urban areas.

The subscription grants full access to all the app’s features, including educational content, scheduling tools, and support resources. After a 14-day free trial, the service is available for $5.50 per month or $55 per year, with a portion of the proceeds supporting breast health care in underserved communities.

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